Only Seven Days

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Tagid: Aktsioon Arkaadid Armee Explosions Laskmine Mängud Masinad Simulaatorid Wars

Kirjeldus: You are in the big powerful tank. Your task is to take control of it and destroy all attacking forces and stop their plans to spread some dangerous virus. All you have to do is control your mouse - tank will follow your cursor and fire the nearest enemy automatically. Collect money and purchase cool upgrades.

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  • bn Shemo @ 2014-01-30 10:16:11

    Option one: Two fancy goldfishoption two:female (Not male! ) betta fish. otpion three:A mix of Kuhli loaches , and guppies. Option four:Platy fish. Five:Mollys six (community tank):Female bettas, Angle fish, a few mollys, and kuhli loaches.Many, MANY more. Just remember goldfish need twenty gallons for the first one, and ten gallons for each additional fish. and, the only fish that will get along with one of them are Kuhli loaches and Koi. Make sure you have a double power filter and check your

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